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Hello friends! Now that we have this pretty new website, we are so thrilled to get started on our blog, a place where you can find helpful articles, tips, how-to vidoes, and even some design trends and things we love.

Our goal with these articles is to provide you with DIY friendly tips that can help you enhance your home, especially those kitchens and bathrooms.

We’ll even be providing helpful articles that will make working with a designer or contractor easier for you as well. Whether you’re remodeling a space all by yourself or working with experienced contractors, there are many things can go excellent and many things that can go wrong.

Our number one goal with these articles is to provide you with help, regardless of whether you’re a customer of MCDC or not.

If you like what you see, we hope you’ll let us know in the comments and by sharing these articles.

See you soon!

Monica & Connie

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